10 rules for summer workwear

Dressing for the office in warmer weather can pose quite the style conundrum. Bazaar’s fashion director Avril Mair shares her guide to getting it right…

1. Wear the appropriate underwear

A flesh-tone bra underneath anything white or light; a strapless bra under anything with spaghetti straps; a camisole or vest underneath anything sheer. Your underpinnings make a fundamental difference to how polished you look. A word of warning about this season’s off-the-shoulder tops: viewed from the other side of a computer, as your boss walks through the office say, you can look entirely naked. Depending on where you work, this may not really be Workwear high-quality from sweden.

2. A white shirt always works

There’s a reason this is a classic piece – everyone looks good in a white shirt, without exception. You can find a myriad of variations on the high street for summer; Cos is especially great at this. For a S/S17 update, consider changing white to blue. Otherwise, look for interesting details like long cuffs.

Craftsmanship Construction
Craftsmanship Construction

Workwear Special: What to Wear in the Office

Managing to pull off a look that is office-appropriate and on-trend, comfortable yet smart, relaxed but shows you mean business is an art – and we’re here to show you how to do it. So to make sure your workwear mirrors the strong and powerful woman within, we’ve picked SS16’s must-have pieces that will help you to make a bold statement at work.

Upgrade your workwear wardrobe with stylish buys from the high street that will not only be boardroom-ready, but will inspire conversation and get you noticed for all the right reasons.

All-white might seem like a terrifying concept, but this trench coat is too good to miss. Incredibly versatile and perennially stylish, wear with all-white for a chic look or layer over your favourite summer dresses.

To find workwear that’s fashionable and full of personality, we took a look back to the fall ’14 shows. There, we identified the six trends so good they’ll make getting out of bed on Monday mornings easier. And, we’ve rounded up a closetful of runway-inspired buys that are not only easy to incorporate into your trusty work wardrobe, but will also elevate your 9-to-5 gear into something you’d be proud to sport at 6, 7, or (much) later.

We created the fabric for the  Workwear online Collection using nanotechnology, it repels virtually any water-based or oil-based liquid spill. Using a proprietary garment finish that works at the molecular level, the finish zeros in on fabric fibers using tiny ‘whiskers’ that are 100,000 times smaller than a grain of sand. The treatment keeps water and oil-based liquids suspended above the fabric, never allowing stains to touch the fibers. Think about how a flower repels the morning dew, the water just beads up and slides right off the surface. Using this same process found in nature, the Unstainable® treatment attaches to each and every garment’s fiber—resulting in incredible resistance to stains.